2013-10-15 41 -91

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Tue 15 Oct 2013 in Cedar Rapids South:
41.6302495, -91.5126410

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In a private, wooden-fenced yard in a newer development on the edge of Iowa City.



KM and I have been trying to GeoHash for months now, with little luck. We need the hash point to be within walking distance for us, and on top of that, not have to be doing something else on the same day. Today we finally got lucky, the hash point was only an hour walk from our houses, so we went and had lunch together at the Sycamore Mall and then trotted off with the aid of tablet gps and the incredible ease of this particular point.

It was pretty easy to see the property lines (the hash point is almost exactly on the corner of a property line on Google Maps!) in meat space. People on one side of the line had tidy, dull lawns. People on the side of the line that the hash point was at had fences and hedges. We counted property sections and trotted down past 1, 2, 3 houses, and there we were! As it turned out, the actual point was about 3 feet from us, across an actual wooden fence. It was the middle of the day, and we're both pretty shy, so we didn't go try to knock on the door or anything. We did, however, proclaim our success on... the neighbor's nearby metal property marker. We didn't really bring anything to do since we figured it would be awkward to hang out in total strangers' backyards. Still, we went and saw a part of Iowa City we hadn't before!