2013-10-13 50 -0

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Sun 13 Oct 2013 in 50,-0:
50.9887950, -0.1291639

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At the edge of a field, ~300ft from the verge of the A273 (Isaac's Lane) between Burgess Hill and Haywards Heath.

Looks easily accessible, assuming this agricultural field is safe and non-destructive to enter (that is, no wrestling bulls, cutting down fences or trampling arable crops). However - this is a fast, busy road, and it's probably not safe to park on the verge closest to the hashpoint.



I just happen to be home from university for the weekend.

This is so near my family home, and current location, that the travel distance required in miles is in single digits. I can visualise the spot without needing any directions. It'd be rude not to... I have no idea what time of day I'll make it yet. But it'd be rude not to.

See also 2013-10-13 50 0 - eleven miles away to the east, across the Prime Meridian. Eerily similar: in an open field, ~300ft from the verge of the A272 just east of Uckfield. I plan to make an attempt on both!

Update: These didn't happen in the end. Real life intervened that day :( SpiritofMaurice (talk) 10:17, 16 October 2013 (EDT)