2013-10-09 51 5

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Wed 9 Oct 2013 in 51,5:
51.8699610, 5.3834400

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In a field just west of Tiel




Cycle there, visit the point, look for a nearby geocache (GC4FR3F) which might be in line of sight.


Left home after lunch with my recumbent bike. Found the point very easily, the only question was how to enter the field. The fence wasn't closed well, so climbing over it was not a good option, but it could be opened. I walked into the field and soon reached the point. After some pictures I walked back and cycled to the cache. Soon I noticed that this might be line of sight, but first I had to find it. In the end I found it, but forgot to take pictures, so I had to find it again (which was easy of course). And it was in line of sight from the hash! After this I cycled back home.



Besides stuff like land and bike there is a new one in it.

Eupeodes earned the Hash collision achievement
by discovering the geocache GC4FR3F 270 meters in line of sight from the (51, 5) geohash on 2013-10-09.
2013-10-09 51 5 log.jpg