2013-10-06 40 -89

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Sun 6 Oct 2013 in 40,-89:
40.3090708, -89.2243903

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Middle of an uneventful cornfield right off of US 136 by McLean, IL



About 4 hours before I spontaneously got in my car with barely a plan in mind, I stumbled upon the magical world of geohashing. Thinking "why not!" I was pleased to see that today's geohash was located only 20 miles from my home.

I'm driving, and nothing really interesting has really happened yet. I got off the exit to McLean, and drove down the road. Down down down...and wouldn't you know it, I found it. Didn't exactly reach it, and here's why: Tractor. That's right. A tractor was harvesting corn on that exact location in the field. I was close enough to it, if you count the road as being close. I was only off by about 100 feet. So...this is where my adventure should've ended.

But it didn't! Right by the geohash, there was a sign pointing to another road reading "Moore's Mill". I drive down the road and I'm seeing these beautiful trees, and horses. OH MY GOODNESS THERE WERE LOTS OF HORSES!! I keep driving through here, then taking random turns because I live dangerously and I somehow landed in...

Atlanta, IL. Home of the giant guy holding a hot dog and a smiley face tower. I stop by and take a picture of a great route 66 sign at a route 66 park. I keep driving and instead of turning back to Bloomington, I took a wrong turn and ended up in...

Lincoln, IL. Where I find a giant Abe Lincoln riding a giant covered wagon.

In conclusion: Drove past the geohash, went to 2 completely different towns, and ended up 20 miles away from the geohash. Way to go distraction.



Torrentz earned the It's a kitty consolation prize
by being so distracted by exploring back roads leading to other small towns as to forget to go to the (40, -89) geohash on 2013-10-06.