2013-10-03 52 5

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Thu 3 Oct 2013 in 52,5:
52.0328436, 5.4761851

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[edit] Location

In a forest near Veenendaal

[edit] Participants

[edit] Plans

Go there somewhere during the day by bike

[edit] Expedition

Left home somewhere early in the afternoon and cycled in the direction of the hash. At 750 meters there was a sign telling it was not allowed to access the area by bike, so I chained my bike to a pole and walked on. Halfway I heard a growl and cracking noises from the direction of the hash. What was going on? Is it a monster? I still decided to go on, and took the planned road. Soon I stumbled upon tracks of the monster and saw a trail of destruction in the forest. Also I saw it taking down a large tree, and the monster dropped it in my direction (luckily the tree was shorter than the distance between me and the monster). I decided not to approach the monster any further, but try to find a different way around the hash. I succeeded. The ground didn't really cooperate when I tried to make a marker in it, but I tried. Also I took some pictures. On my way back to the bike I got a better chance of picturing the monster, after this i quickly left.

[edit] Photos