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Thu 26 Sep 2013 in 49,6:
49.5690285, 6.3179231

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In forest of Bois-de-Stradtbredimus, Luxembourg.



(Pastori's European tour begins here.)

It's a no-go.

The journey of Pastori and The Wife continued due south along with the migrating birds. The German hashpoint 53, 10 was lost when we navigated the thickets of the autobahns for the right way which would get us to Luxembourg.

The hashpoint is there somewhere in the forest.

But the point in Luxembourg we had to try although we had already driven about 700 km that day. It was nice to travel along the small country roads between the corn fields in a warm, sunny weather. Then a traffic sign forbidding driving stopped us about 500 meters from the point. Because Pastori and The Wife were already totally exhausted, they didn't dare to wander into the field among the wild beasts which seemed to be occupying the area. And they doubted that the farmer would have looked kindly at them if they had disturbed the peace of their cows.

The contrails indicate a densely populated area.

In the morning at their place of stay the sky was full with contrails – which eventually confirmed that Pastori and The Wife had reached some really densely populated areas.

Our story continues here.)