2013-09-25 50 9

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Wed 25 Sep 2013 in Fulda:
50.0048315, 9.1240206

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Today's location is next to an apple tree on the northern city limit of Aschaffenburg.

Country: Germany; state: Bayern (Bavaria, EU:DE:BY); administrative region: Unterfranken; district: Aschaffenburg city district

Weather: mostly clouded but warm



This expedition took me away from my usual area of expeditions, but I can explain why: Although the spot itself looked like any other meadow, it was located inside the 50 9 part of the Aschaffenburg city district, which is very small (5 km2, or 0.06 % of the graticule area, or "hashpoint here once every 4.3 years"). I still needed this for my goal to visit each graticule's part of every district in Lower Franconia (kind of a combined regional + reverse regional achievement). Also the Aschaffenburg main train station wasn’t very far.

I left work a little early and took the train to Aschaffenburg. There I walked through the northern part of the city until I came to the city limit, then along a minor road until I was near the hashpoint. The spot was right next to an apple tree in a meadow, so reaching it was very easy. Then I walked on another route back to the city. I met many animals on my way, including horses on a pasture where the "do not feed the horses" sign was multilingual including the funny local dialect. In total I walked 7.3 km, which was nice because of the good weather.


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