2013-09-23 37 -122

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Mon 23 Sep 2013 in 37,-122:
37.3960634, -122.0279539

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the hash appears to be in the middle of the handicapped parking right in front of the Matilda Dennys.

I've no photos of myself there, but have been there with several friends. Would an affadavit do?




Load my RV with a bunch of junk I'm taking home from Tech Shop.

Drive to Dennys

Have hash and pancakes.

(Wondering if I can claim Holy hash for this)


Went. GPS coverage at the point was terrible, kept telling me I was on the other side of 101, etc. On the other hand, the actual hash point was glaringly obviously in a clearly marked spot, at the edge of the handicapped zone.

Went into Dennys and had a steak with mashed potatos and fruit, an iced tea, and a 'mini banana split' for dessert. All this about 10pm. Briefly considered hanging about for the midnight hash, but only briefly.