2013-09-22 50 11

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Sun 22 Sep 2013 in 50,11:
50.7277410, 11.3791792

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[edit] Location

Seems to be directly on a street in the industrial area between Rudolstadt and Kirchhasel.

[edit] Participants

  • Juja, Benjy and Frankie Mouse

[edit] Expedition

Again it was time for me to cycle home from my parents to Jena, and once again the Geohash was "practically on the way" - this time even without hoaxing myself, because going to the point seemed to be a detour of 100 meters at most. I started after lunch together with my favorite Ninja, we climbed up a hill, and the broom waggon already waited for us on top (on Simmersberg near Schnett, where there was a kite festival today) and brought coffee and cake - very nice! After we had enjoyed it all we said goodbye and went on towards Jena. Although our journey was very pleasant the Ninja decided to board a train in Rudolstadt, so I went to the Geohash alone. It was really easy to find and I didn't even get off of my bike for the 0m-shot, so I could soon continue my tour and also arrived at home before it was completely dark.

[edit] Photos

The Geohash is in front of this building (on the very right)...  
...that somehow lacks beauty.  
Hashpoint reached.  
Benjy and Frankie on my bike at the point.