2013-09-22 34 -92

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Sun 22 Sep 2013 in Little Rock:
34.7277410, -92.3791792

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Near the edge of a yard in the west end of Little Rock.



I'd been waiting for an accessible-looking geohash in Little Rock; my eye had been on getting that Virgin Graticule achievement for it ever since I started geohashing, and though I got other Virgin Graticules first, my mind was still set on getting that nearby-but-unhashed Little Rock graticule. And this one looked plausible- a weekend hash, on the right end of the graticule... in a yard, but near the edge of it, and not in a backyard, which would more likely be a sticking point. So off we went!

Going to Little Rock was no trouble at all, as the route's a familiar one; the west end of Little Rock, however, is a bit more off the beaten path for our group. We missed a turn here and there, but managed to find our way into the subdivision containing the hashpoint without too much trouble, and even the oddly-placed and hilly subdivision roads were a nice change of pace for a geohashing group more used to dirt roads and forest paths. Upon reaching the corner at which the hashpoint lay, we consulted the Google Maps print-outs and ran around the vicinity of the hashpoint, and that was that. If the owners had been visible, we'd have asked about an Ambassador hash just to be on the safe side, but they were nowhere to be seen. After a few mishaps returning to the highway when the unreliable phone GPS had difficulties, which led to an impromptu sight-seeing visit to the state capitol, we returned home triumphant. For a graticule which had eluded us for so long, this hash was surprisingly easy.



Haberdasher and AshtaraSilunar earned the Virgin Graticule Achievement
by being the first to reach any hashpoint in the (34, -92) graticule, here, on 2013-09-22.