2013-09-17 45 -123

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Tue 17 Sep 2013 in 45,-123:
45.5195601, -123.0995852

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Side of Hwy 8 as it goes through in Forest Grove



Don't think I can pass this one up!

Looks accessible, but we'll see. Probably head by later in the evening on my way home.


So much for filling in my report.

On my way home, I side tracked into Forest Grove to visit the hashpoint.

I had some doubts about access it, but when I approached, I found that it was close enough to the side of the road to not even require getting out, which was good, as it is a fairly major road, and there was traffic.

I passed through the point and went around to try again for a speed racer. I think I managed to get up to speed, so I think I managed to do that as well.


No photos as it was dark and the road was somewhat busy.


  • Land Geohash
  • Speed Racer