2013-09-13 45 -122

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Fri 13 Sep 2013 in 45,-122:
45.4731319, -122.8772739

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Hazeldale Park in Aloha, OR.



Expedition One[edit]

Excited from getting his driver's license, my friend Dmitriy asked me if I wanted to go geohashing after I got off of work. Unfortunately, he had to cancel our plans, but that didn't stop Alison and I from going.

Expedition Two[edit]

In the morning on the way off to work, Jim noticed that the hashpoint was very accessible, and figured he'd go by after work.


Expedition One[edit]

The hashpoint was in a very nice park west of Beaverton, near some athletic fields. After reaching the hashpoint, we decided to use the playground equipment! Slides are not as fun as I had remembered, but Alison enjoyed herself.

The hardest part of the trip was rush-hour traffic on a Friday on our way back. Even at 3 the traffic on state highway 8 was horribly congested. After we got onto I-405 it was fun because I enjoy looking at interchanges.

Expedition Two[edit]

Well, Jim drove by the hashpoint on his way to meet the train to work, and then drove by on his way back in the evening, but was in a rush to an appointment, and so didn't get a chance to go by then.

Finally, around 8ish, I managed to swing by the park. It was pretty easy to find my way there, though a flashlight was needed to avoid toppling over into the nearby stream on the way into the park in the pitch black.

The hashpoint appeared to be right in the middle of the walkway near the (only?) baseball diamond, but I didn't see any markings. I also couldn't take any photos since the camera ended up doing an unplanned stay at home today.



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