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2013-09-08 51 10

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Sun 8 Sep 2013 in 51,10:
51.8004840, 10.0880283

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[edit] Location

The hash lies on an edge of a field north of Oldershausen.

[edit] Participants


[edit] Plans

This is my third expedition to this area around Dögerode. I have to hitchhike to Echte and then I will walk around.

[edit] Expedition

I have left home at 11:45, arrived at the hitchhiking spot at 12:40, got there a lift after ten minutes. I had to change the car at the service station Göttingen with a waiting time of five minutes and I arrived at the junction Echte at 13:55. From there I walked to the hash, where I arrived at about 14:40. I have taken some photos and then walked home with a detour around the industrial area of Dögerode. I arrived at the junction Echte at 16:35, waited there for ten minutes and got a car to the junction Kassel-Ost, where I arrived at 17:30. I arrived at home at 18:15.

[edit] Tracklog

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[edit] Achievements

GeorgDerReisende earned the Thumbs Up Geohash Achievement
by hitchhiking to the (51, 10) geohash on 2013-09-08, and withstanding the Vogon poetry of the driver.