2013-09-02 45 -67

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Mon 2 Sep 2013 in 45,-67:
45.6028551, -67.8134778

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Off Highway 1, five miles south of Danforth.



From our base camp in Waterville, we rejected this one the night before as being too long of a drive and too likely to be swampy or underwater, even in late summer. After torrential rains led us to abandon 2013-09-02 45 -69, though, we ended up driving further than we expected, and since we were already soaked through by 2013-09-02 45 -68, we figured we might as well give this one the old college try.


We were gabbing with a garrulous woman from the Maine welcome center at Houlton. "Where are you going next?" she asked, brightly. "Danforth," I said. She was stunned. "DANFORTH?!?" With a scattering of homes in various states of repair and a few small gas stations, the village is clearly not a major tourist draw.

I had big thoughts on the drive south about wading or swimming if necessary to claim this far-eastern U.S. hashpoint. It was a real anticlimax, then, to find that since the Google Streetview truck came through, someone has slapped No Trespassing signs on the access road that we would have needed to use. One more expedition towards the Posted achievement, I suppose. And, we'll always have Danforth.



Michael5000 and Mrs.5000 earned the No trespassing consolation prize
by almost reaching the (45, -67) geohash on 2013-09-02.