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Thu 29 Aug 2013 in 50,7:
50.7275989, 7.1517467

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In the south-eastern Part of Bonn - Kuendinghoven




  • FarFarAway Starting from Kennedy Bridge at 18.30(join me there! :D), I'll go to the hash by bicyle and will arive around 19.00 local time with Beer and cookies!


Around 18.30 I managed to get up grab my bicycle and move to the Kennedy Bridge in hopes of finding fellow Hashers. After about 15 minutes I had finished the first beer and was still alone and thus decided to move the 3km towards the hashpoint.

It was a nice ride through the hilly streets of Bonn Beuel, Bonn Limperich and Bonn Kuendinghoven. 300m before the hash I took a wrong way and had to go back for a couple of meters and therefore crashed into my own "light wall" / attempt to "tron" this Geohash. I took the last slope and finally stood on a hill with a nice view on the different parts of Bonn and the "Post tower"

(Sadly forgot to bring camera though : /).

From the hill I had to take a narrow and steep path downwards. On the sides were really nice garden plots.

The hash was 2m on the right side in one of the plots. After standing around for like 5 minutes not sure whether to give up and go home or just stay there for another while and enjoy the view I was lucky and the owner showed up.

After sharing a beer and explaining the game to him he agreed to let me "tresspass" and stand on the hash. Yay!

Just as expected I really had a fun time on this very first geohash - even without Smartphone or Camera to show photo-proof! (Thus, no Achievements for me : / Will upload gps track though soon)



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