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Mon 26 Aug 2013 in 50,11:
50.9156581, 11.1667987

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Near windmill Klettbach




I haven't made a visit to a hash point for months. But today it was so near and I also wanted my daily geocache which was also near to the hashpoint. So I combined both activities. First I drove nearly all the way right to the hash, lying near the windmill of Klettbach, by car and parked it at the end of the path at the beginning of some grassland. The last 300m were by foot. I arrived near the hashpoint at a picnic ground and stepped on to reach the 0m-shot. OK, that wasn't working the fullest, because of a fence 2m before the correct coordinates. With long arm I was able to make at least a 1,4m-shot. With looseness of the GPS it is a 0m-shot, isn't it?  ;-) After that I continued my tour to find my daily geocache.