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Sat 17 Aug 2013 in 50,11:
50.9922070, 11.6898030

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Tautenburg forest



This report may become boring. Nothing special happened, everything was normal. Starting with one of the normal prolog options on the day before when Juja said: "You are the only one who has time to go there. Have fun!".

So I started after breakfast with a short stop for a final plant-sitting session before leaving Jena. Then I drove on the normal way to Golmsdorf and climbed up the normal path from Golmsdorf in Tautenburg direction. When approaching to the target, the paths became smaller and smaller and finally were fading out – very normal. The point was hidden between some brushwood, no area for a Sunday afternoon walk but on the other hand not to difficult to handle, some kind of normal forest.

I took the normal pictures and started on my way back, where I left the normal way in Kunitz to have a look at a newly rebuild house bridge. The whether was fine all the time, so nevertheless it was a nice normal Saturday morning tour.


Path of category "last 500 meters".  
Leaving it into the forest.  
The point.  
Today I had enough patience to get a 0m shot.  
Räbe, watching the point from a tree trunk.  
Räbe, watching the point from a branch.  
View to Dornburg on the way back.  
The house bridge from outside ...  
... and inside.