2013-08-15 47 -122

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Thu 15 Aug 2013 in Seattle:
47.3399184, -122.1780670

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[edit] Location

A relatively new neighborhood near Auburn.

[edit] Participants

[edit] Plans

Fly home from San Jose and stop under the gibbous moon on my way home from the airport.

[edit] Expedition

Went exactly according to plan.

The development doesn't look much more complete than in the latest satellite shots (Google or Bing - I can't recall which). The neighborhood where the hash point is, down a slope apparent in the aforementioned aerial shots, is called Oakpointe. Well worth stopping for a geohashe.

The weeds were easy to tromp through in the moonlight, the glow of the nearby streetlamp helping somewhat. A low fog was on the moors, but no baying of a hound was heard. I reached the exact spot, uploaded a photo, and headed for home - after stopping to snap the neighborhood sign and one more "development plan". I will link to that with my next edit.

Finally pulled into my driveway just a few minutes past midnight.

[edit] Photos