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Mon 12 Aug 2013 in 50,11:
50.9376581, 11.4090134

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On a field near Mellingen



Juja is back from holiday and so it was impossible for me (Jens) to ignore today’s point. Well, I have tried to do so, but when she asked me at lunch break: "You will go to the point, won’t you?" and smiled, what else could I answer but "Yes, of course I will". You must consider, that she became a level 5 Minesweeper one week ago and I had no minus 5 monster enhancer in my hand to transform her into an Baby Minesweeper or something like that. Damn, wrong context. Maybe we should think about playing Munchkin again next time.

But back to serious things … like geohashing. I started after work with a little detour in opposite direction, because I had to water the plants of another colleague who still has holidays. After the plants were serviced, I turned by 180° and drove to Mellingen. I just passed the construction site they had installed on the street between Großschwabhausen and Lehnstedt, when I heard another biker behind me. I looked back and what a surprise. It was Juja, who went to the point herself. Hurray, another coordinated hashpoint expedition.

Thanks to the construction site, the street was ours (expect of one errant car). After we left it, we had to go the last 500 meters on a dirt road, that was very comfortable for a last 500 meters way too. We parked our bikes beside the field and before we started for the last 100 meters into the field, we stopped for 10 minutes at the first vegetable of the day – blackberries. After performing particular blackberry hunting we continued to the second vegetable of the day – maize. We struck out a way through the compressed thicket of maize plants, only to find the hashpoint on a clearing in the middle of the field. Time to take some photos and find an easier way back to vegetable number one.

After a second break at the blackberries we started our way back home. Before saying goodbye, we quickly discussed, who is allowed to write the report, and lucky I am, I won. Maybe I should really look for my minus 5 monster enhancers …


Construction site, ...  
... street is closed.  
Blackberry break  
Maize thicket  
Jens hidden in the thicket.  
Target reached  
(also for Juja)  
Räbe, looking at the point  
Left a mark for? ... the farmer.