2013-08-12 37 -122

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Mon 12 Aug 2013 in 37,-122:
37.3639954, -122.0104473

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[edit] Location

A residential sidewalk in the Ponderosa Park portion of Sunnyvale

[edit] Participants

[edit] Plans

Headed there via #57 then #32 VTA bus. ETA 5:30-ish

[edit] Expedition

Early morning in Seattle, finished airport parking at 6:30 am. Geohashdroid says the spot is south east of me, somewhere in Maple Valley. Oh well, couldn't have done that *and* the airport.

But wait - that means the geohash point is in a cherry location in my destination, California! Subtracted ten from the latitude gives me 37, -122 and sure enough, the geohash point is in Sunnyvale.

A bit of judicious googling while waiting for the plane indicates I could likely get there through public transit from either the airport or the hotel, or by worst case walking. Waiting for public transit at the airport, I snapped a picture of the transit map, in case I had to do routing without google.

I opted for hitting the hotel first and planned out the rest of my day. Forgot the cell phone (GPS) charging cable, so I would need to go somewhere... Best Buy will do. Need to have dinner. Wouldn't mind visiting a local game store near the airport. Soon, the route was planned, and time to rush out the door!

Made it to the bus with less than a minute to spare, then waited 18 minutes for the transfer. With unlimited power, I would hack around and see if there were caches nearby, but instead I left my 3 year old weak battery alone. Next bus ride was smooth, and a pedestrian pathway led me into the neighborhood.

Walked down a street and over, then found the hash point quite easily. Funny thing, the curb was marked at (or within error) the hash point with XIII, so I scrawled XKCD above it and snapped a photo of both, then myself. These were all uploaded (yay for geohash droid and cell connectivity!) and I continued on to Best Buy.

Did some light reading over dinner, did manage to visit that game store, and finally returned to the hotel. What will tomorrow bring?

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[edit] Achievements

Thomcat earned the Public transport geohash achievement
by reaching the (37, -122) geohash on 2013-08-12 via VTA.
2013-08-12 37 -122 14-50-43-481.jpg