2013-08-11 45 -122

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Sun 11 Aug 2013 in 45,-122:
45.6201854, -122.5367449

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In a parking lot in a Vancouver office park



The hashpoint appears to be in a public (state?) parking lot, so it might be accessible!

I have something in Portland in the evening, so I may try to swing by this hashpoint on my way there in the afternoon.


Expedition 5000[edit]

The 5000s drove over and pulled up to the hashpoint with no trouble. It's a fairly standard office-park area, and was deserted on a Sunday morning. We marked the site for posterity.

Expedition two[edit]

Jim went and found the parking lot less deserted. He didn't see the markings, though.



  • Land Geohash for both Jim and the 5000's