2013-08-07 33 -84

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Wed 7 Aug 2013 in Atlanta:
33.9344231, -84.0076424

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Middle of a street in Lawrenceville.


Yet another drive to Geohash and not even get out of your vehicle.


I was hard pressed not to make this geohash as easy as it was. There was just so many things this day standing in my way.

I had to work late this evening and so did my girlfriend. She had taken my son to the babysitters and I needed to go pick him up as soon as I finished work. I was able to make it there by 9pm but my girlfriend was working until 10pm. I also needed to go pick her up when she finished work.

That did not leave me enough time to make it to Lawrenceville with my son and make it back to her job by 10pm. So, I got to enjoy an hour with my son. I would have liked to explain the joys of Geohashing and take him on his second geohash, but he was more content to draw with the drawing application on his leap pad and pick his nose. It is really difficult to explain anything to a 2 year old.

So after I picked up my girlfriend and dropped her off at her house along with my son, I decided to hit the road and make this incredibly easy goehash.

I drove out there with almost no traffic anywhere. It is unusual for me to be out this late. I drove right up on the spot, took a few pictures and drove home to Norcross for a good nights sleep.