2013-08-06 48 -115

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Tue 6 Aug 2013 in 48,-115:
48.5464265, -115.9772960

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In the forest northwest of Troy, Montana.



Several miles up a forest road and on the wall of a canyon, this one didn't really look all that promising. But it was the best shot available on my route for the day (Great Falls to Bonners Ferry), so I decided to give it a go.


It worked out fine! NF-4402 deteriorated a little after the first half mile, but remained very useable to within .20 miles of the hashpoint. After that there was a lot of climbing through thick forest. I stopped a few times to ask myself if I was getting myself into danger, but was able to answer: nope! Rather than worry too much about a beeline to the hashpoint, I took whatever relatively clear stretch of forest would take me up to the right elevation, and then followed the contour to the point. Then I climbed back down, dusted myself off, and went along my merry way.




Michael5000 earned the Consecutive geohash achievement
by reaching hash points on 4 consecutive days starting on 2013-08-03.