2013-08-05 47 -111

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Mon 5 Aug 2013 in 47,-111:
47.6693250, -111.9701443

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On a farm road north of Fairfield.



After 2013-08-05 45 -110 I could have called it a day for geohashing purposes, but for purposes of where I want to be in my overall roadtrip I decided to continue from Bozeman to Helena and consider going after this one. At Helena, I called a conference with myself, and gave me the green light.

Aside from endurance driving, which is not usually a problem for me, this one posed few challenges and yielded up lots of great scenery. There were passing thunderstorms intermixed with slanting golden light on the approach, and the hashpoint itself was pure Montana agricultural loveliness, and smelled great to boot. As night fell on the way back to Great Falls, lightning storms on two horizons provided a Big Sky light show.



  • This is only the second expedition to the Great Falls graticule. The first was led by Mrs.5000.
Michael5000 earned the Multihash Achievement
by reaching 2 hash points on 2013-08-05. It's a Double Hash.