2013-08-03 47 -122

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Sat 3 Aug 2013 in Seattle:
47.7169253, -122.3540812

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On Phinney Ave in Broadview, between 120th and 122nd.



4:00 meetup after work (a 12:30 baseball game) nearby.


Baseball game finished in just under three hours, and that was it's only saving grace. This Adams division affair was a one-sided contest with an ejection and a league rules argument as the only highlights.

The drive north to the spot was trivially easy, and I pulled in at 3:59 pm. There was a guy walking up the street, but he was in the friendly neighbor category. We said hi and I pulled out the blue sidewalk chalk to mark the spot. I also snapped a few photos (below) and uploaded both from the spot.

After a quick stop at the nearby library to drop books and pick up more on hold, I drove past the spot one more time on the way home. Pizza delivery truck parked there, but he was not geohasher either.