2013-07-31 33 -84

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Wed 31 Jul 2013 in Atlanta:
33.8701476, -84.2725689

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Out back of the Mercer University campus in Chamblee.



This appeared from Google maps to be an easy hash to reach. It appears to be a drying up river bed out behind a university school. I left out for this hash after work as it was only a few miles out of my way on my drive home.

I pulled off the interstate to some back roads and pulled into a parking lot. It has been raining steadily for the last two days so I expected some mud to have to walk though to get to the hash spot. I was surprised to find that the once dried up river bed was now an over grown marsh full of mosquitoes.

I tried to enter the marsh from the easiest access point to the over grown marsh that I could find, which was a rain water run off from the parking that that I parked in. It took 10 to 15 minutes to make it about 100 feet into the thick mud and I was in a good shirt and tie.

I took a few picture of what was hindering my forward progress and a picture of my eTrex to show the distance I was from the hash. It took me almost as long to get back to the parking lot as it did to get to that closest point.

From google maps there is a shallow river that cuts the marsh in two and I was on the wrong side. It looked like the other side should be defoliated. It was not and even more so over grown with thick bushes than the easy access side. I made it about 50 feet in to the side that should have been cleared before I decided that I wouldn't make it before the sun set. It took about 20 minutes to go that 50 feet.

I gave up in despair. I so wanted to make this hash.

I made it back to my truck and continued on my way home.