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A forest near Lenzburg.




Catch train to Lenzburg, leaving Zurich at 10.38 on rail 13, then walk.

Hm, I just noticed that's quite a bit of an incline. Again. I hope I'll manage. --Calamus 03:57, 30 July 2013 (EDT)


When Calamus left the train station of Lenzburg, he detected with horror that he had somehow managed to forget his camera. So this was to be a really badly-documented expedition.

Calamus's expeditions had led him to Lenzburg a few times, but so far, it had always just been to board another train to an Argovian village he'd never heard about before. But this time, the hashpoint was near Lenzburg itself, namely near the street to Sigismüli village.

Most of the journey was easy; Calamus could simply follow a brook named Aabach, which happened to have a popular jogging path next to it. Of course, Calamus could have jogged, but he hated moving fast with a heavy backpack. On the way he encountered so many great motives for his absent camera to not capture: A cute kitty family, a huge beautiful beetle, a prison resembling an abbey, a Lenzburg Castle on its hill, and so much more that will remain memories exclusive to Calamus.

The hard part was getting to the point proper, which lay on an incline in the forest. It had rained all day the day before, and the earth had turned into slick mud. The path had been built into the incline by digging out some of the soil, which meant there was a vertical threshold on the uphill side. This threshold was difficult to climb due to its height, the floor's current slipperiness and the absence of firm material or roots. After various approaches, most of them resulting in Calamus falling back down and/or ruing wearing a fresh shirt, Calamus eventually grasped a tree on top of the incline and pulled himself up to a normally steep, slippery hill with a lot of wood to fight his way through. Calamus didn't bother to go closer than into the error margin of his GPS receiver, and probably wouldn't have succeeded either. After inadvertedly causing a small mud avalanche, Calamus landed safely on the path, suddenly not so sad anymore that he'd forgotten his camera. A photograph taken now would have haunted him for quite some time.

Back in Lenzburg, Calamus narrowly missed his train. Whilst he had planned to explore Lenzburg a little if that should happen, he had no idea where there was anything to see, so he just produced his laptop and started to work until the train arrived.


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