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Sat 27 Jul 2013 in 50,11:
50.9516838, 11.4488184

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On a field near Hammerstedt


  • Juja, Benjy and Frankie Mouse
  • Jens and Räbe


The last hashpoint is only two days old while the next one is already waiting to be collected. The direction we had to go was nearly the same as two days before. But we were allowed to stop 5 km earlier, what saved us about 1l of Water (per person), required by the human cooling system at temperatures of 35 °C.

We started together with Juja's Ninja, but had to leave him after some meters because of technical issues. The way to Hammerstedt was as expected, Juja drove even more relaxed than on Thursday, so I was able to drive her speed to - most of the time - and even had some leading meters. So after nearly 10 drinking-stops we arrived at the field, filled with beets. Good for us, between this sort of vegetable we were able to find a way. A way like this: 5 steps ahead, 2 steps to the right, another 5 straight ahead, 2 right, …

One thing still is to be mentioned. On a summer day with 35 °C a field has to be dusty. But not this one. There was mud hidden between the dust. I don’t know how this works but come to the beet fields of Hammerstedt and you will learn it. So our legs looked like on the best rainy autumn hash days.

When back in Jena the lost Ninja joined us again and we finished today’s tour by cooling and cleaning our feet in the Leutra.


Juja on the way to the point, 5 steps ahead, 2 steps right, ...  
Räbe on a local observation tower  
Today we are synchronized  
Benjy, Frankie and Räbe on the point's beet  
Looks like Räbe is in posing mood  
The mud mystery  
You still can imagine the shoes  
Clean and cool again  
The 3 hashcots met a new friend