2013-07-26 52 6

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Fri 26 Jul 2013 in 52,6:
52.4892519, 6.8853541

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The hash lies in the village Uelsen.




Coming from the 2013-07-26 51 6, I want to visit this one.

This one is important for me, because sometimes I want to get the Regional Geohash Achievement for the whole Germany and reachable points in this graticule are not so often.


Because I didn't start to 2013-07-26 51 6, I didn't travel to this hash too. Same reason, because there had been a very bad weather forecast. A big cloud, looking like a big thunderstorm, had created over the Biscaya and traveled across France to North Rhine-Westfalia. At the time of approaching Germany it was already a heavy thunderstorm, while it passed Kassel, it was only some clouds of heavy rain. But lightnings are deadly for hitchhikers and though I don't like to hitchhike, if there is a thunderstorm only at the horizon.