2013-07-25 46 7

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Thu 25 Jul 2013 in 46,7:
46.9301065, 7.3551726

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The geohash in a forest near Oberbottigen.

Who Went[edit]

TheOneRing - by bike.

The Expedition[edit]

Wow, that was a long time without geohashing, so I wanted to take the opportunity (the last one was in May). Today's geohash was not far away from home, so I left the office earlier than usual and went by bike. I stopped at home and continued my way to the geohash.

Sun was shining and it was wonderful warm. From home it was less than 4km as the bird flies. Even on the streets it wass only approx. 5km, but always up and down...good training. The last 100m I walked without bike.

I could have been really nice, but in the forest there was a swarm of moskito-like, blood sucking insects. Therefore I took the usual photographs and left the place as fast as I could. Nevertheless a wonderful trip for leisure-time.



TheOneRing earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (46, 7) geohash on 2013-07-25.
TheOneRing earned the Bicycle geohash achievement
by cycling to the (46, 7) geohash on 2013-07-25.