2013-07-20 49 4

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Sat 20 Jul 2013 in 49,4:
49.1243548, 4.1804745

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In a forest near Villers-Marmery, in the Montagne de Reims regional natural park.



At 2 pm, I had the idea to check if there was a geohash not too far from me. Turned out that the geohash was 20 km away, in a nice place near Villers-Marmery, so I decided to go. I wanted to visit Verzy afterwards (for the famous Faux de Verzy), and Verzenay (for its lighthouse).


I arrived in Villers-Marmery at 4 pm, so a bit late for a (possible...) meetup at the geohash. I parked my car, since the plan was to walk from the village, and then go into the forest to find the geohash. On my way, I took the wrong road. At one point I reached the right latitude, but the longitude was maybe off by 500 meters. I was sweating, I had no water anymore, and I was starting to feel lost (I had wandered into the forest to try and decrease the longitude number). I decided to quit and go back to my car in the village. But on my way back, I spotted a road and after thinking for a bit, I discovered my mistake. After walking maybe 1 km along that road, I got very close to the geohash, and I wandered again into the forest. I climbed a little hill and found myself at the geohash. I think I had never sweated that much. I cancelled my visit of Verzy and Verzenay to go home, rehydrate and have a shower.



Beltxarga earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (49, 4) geohash on 2013-07-20.
(thank you, Jiml!)