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Mon 15 Jul 2013 in 50,11:
50.5865881, 11.7034166

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In a forest near Erkmannsdorf



One of my longest (or maybe the longest) Geohash trip(s) ever. So to keep the world in balance and because I’m out of energy now, the report will be one of my shortest. I went by train to Pößneck, from there I cycled this way, which by pure chance exactly led through the point. Can’t remember why I parked my bike on a tree in a forest and did that crazy hill up hill down walk. At the end I arrived at Saalfeld main station, where another train was waiting for me.

For more details see the pictures (Maybe I will add them today, maybe tomorrow). The statistic analysis told me, that the bike part of the trip had a length of 88km and an elevation of 1600m up. For me this is more than enough, so the only valid geohash option for tomorrow is a couch potato.


View back to Pößneck  
On my way I saw some houses, ...  
bridges, ...  
horses, ...  
water, ...  
and a parking area. The point is behind the hill in front.  
But first, this valley must be passed, ...  
and this river. A small step for a man, and a small step for mankind too.  
Coordinates reached  
View from the point  
Räbe was there too, of course.  
Some water  
Fish and ships (You can't see the fish, but it's there)  
Bigger ship (and bigger fish?)  
Someone closed the street.  
Someone ignored it.