2013-07-13 50 8

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Sat 13 Jul 2013 in 50,8:
50.6464569, 8.6879201

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On a pasture outside Lollar (near Giessen)



No plans, go there and try.


Rincewind picked me up in Gießen and we drove to the railway station in Lollar because it was the closest known point on the Google map, apart from the river Lahn. Our GPS showed us that we have approximately 2 km from the railway station to the hash point. We drove close and parked by a factory fence. Then we walked a country road for 600m and arrived at our destination, a horse pasture. On the pasture next to it, two horses were eyeing us interestedly, but the one with the hash coordinates on it was empty, allowing us to enter.

After that we went back to Gießen and Rincewind repaired my bicycle to enable me for further solo geohashing. And boring every-day business.