2013-07-12 54 -1

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2013-07-12 54 -1 JKJ1 sm.JPG

Fri 12 Jul 2013 in 54,-1:
54.7287979, -1.4806282

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The end of a driveway on Malcolm Avenue in Quarrington Hill village, County Durham, UK



We had finished a late pizza-salad-brownie-icecream dinner at about 10 pm, and were hanging out setting up to play Citadels, when Jess saw me looking contemplative and said "you're thinking about going geohashing!" "I was seriously considering it, yeah." "Where is today's?" "In a village just outside Coxhoe, right on the street, about fifteen minutes away; it's easy." "Check to see where tomorrow's is." [pause, fiddling with laptop] "In Bishop Auckland, about 20 minutes away from today's." "Can we hit both, one before midnight and one after?" "Sure." Thus began this evening's silly adventure.

Oh, and another snippet of the conversation: "Did you know there's a Hobbit Hash achievement?" "No way. How does it work?" "You have to go barefoot, fed, and bearing a ring." "We're doing it!"

So today's is just at the end of somebody's driveway, public road, small town, trivial to locate even at 11:40 pm. Shoes off, rings out: four honorary hobbits. (We don't get the actual award because we didn't eat on the way and we didn't walk, but we're claiming a with-Sam-and-Frodo-in-spirit thing here.) Also three of them are wearing pajamas. Return to car, 11:46: off to the next hash (2013-07-13 54 -1), and the date will change while we're on the way.



George, Katja, Jake, and Jessica earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (54, -1) geohash on 2013-07-12.