2013-07-09 34 -84

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Tue 9 Jul 2013 in Roswell:
34.0174300, -84.5823614

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On the back part of a rock quarry in Kennesaw.



I rode back to my truck after work [1] riding by the geohash spot by only 0.3 of a mile. I know, not close enough. I continued on to my truck only .6 of a mile away. I drove back the .8 of a mile to the rock quarry and drove in. At this time of the afternoon, there was almost nobody there. I drove down to the rock crusher and there were some 100 ton rock haulers moving about. I flagged one of them down and asked permission to go to the back part of the rock quarry. The guy said that there was too much activity going on tonight for me to be able to get back there. The 100 ton trucks are about 25 to 30 feet tall and there would be almost no away a driver could see my 5 foot tall truck until it was being run over. Walking back to the spot was out of the question.

So I took a few pictures were I was parked 0.13 of a mile a little more than 750 feet away from the spot and declared a not reached due to private property.

I then drove home to Norcross as I would normally do.