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Mon 8 Jul 2013 in 52,13:
52.5183087, 13.1703466

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A boring piece of green at a road in Berlin




In the last report I wrote a bit about the new long distance bus lines. Well, since they still are new, they need to advertise. And so came it that I got hold of a free ticket for the first run of the first regular bus line going from Tübingen to Berlin. For some private reason I needed some distance from home. There were people at Berlin I wanted to meet some day, and talk with them about some other project. So it all matched up and suddenly I found myself being at Berlin for a few days. However, this wasn't a geohashing holiday.

Still, on the last day a hash fell very convenient in the western part of Berlin, near or at Spandau. I had to go visit something in the south before, but when I was finished there, I jumped on a bus along the Heerstraße road and got off only a few steps away from the hash. Bought some food at the nearby supermarket, visited the hash, jumped on the next bus back to fetch my luggage and run off to the central bus station for my long distance bus home. It all was a quite narrow timeline... but doable. And it all went fine.