2013-07-07 47 -122

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Sun 7 Jul 2013 in Seattle:
47.1754668, -122.5963789

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On the beach in Steilacoom, just south of Sunnyside Beach park.



Expedition at low tide, which is 11:53 AM today. Also visit the park and a nearby off-leash dog park.


My Android (revision Donut, or maybe it's BonBon) is getting a little long in the tooth. When I hopped family and dog into the car, it didn't want to resolve where I was --- so reboot!

The drive to Tacoma went quickly by, and then we headed west through Lakewood. This is a part of Tacoma I haven't driven through before, and some day I'd like to come back and visit Fort Steilacoom. The sky was filled with early morning clouds that would likely burn off by afternoon.

The GPS came up fine the second time, so I snapped a picture of the spot and set out to achieve it. Family and Lucy stopped as the slimed over beach became difficult to navigate, but I continued on. As the train went by northbound, I snapped it as well.

I uploaded these on the move, so to speak, so the GPS coords below reflect where I was walking. Most importantly, I reached the spot, still a few feet above water. The camera at this point stopped working (the camera app showed no picture), so I took some pics with the old-fashioned digital camera and clicked the "post to wiki" button:

As I write this (3:10 pm) this spot is probably under water, heading for a high tide at 7:27 pm that is 14.7 feet above the low mark during my visit. Without family and dog, I might have stuck around to be underwater and claim the water geohash...

Just up the beach from the hashpoint was a good sized crab, scuttling away from me. I snapped his picture and headed back to the family.

A short drive up the bay, across and down brought us right back to the beach and Chambers Creek park, with off-leash beach park. We eyed the golf course (home of the 2015 US Open!) as we drove past. On the beach, we found more crabs, kelp, and the occasional jelly creature. Lucy tried licking one and rolled in the seaweed many times - a furry flopping fish.

The return to Seattle was uneventful. The Geohashing algorithm comes through with a Seattle Adventure once again!