2013-07-07 39 -76

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Sun 7 Jul 2013 in 39,-76:
39.1754668, -76.5963789

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On a corner in Point Pleasant, MD, close to Marley Creek



To drive there, get the hash, then explore a bit


We thought there was a sidewalk there but there wasn't. We pulled over onto Hilltop and when we parked, outside of a fence but on the same grassy area as some equipment, a man watering plants inside the fen e gave us the evil eye. I asked if this was his property and the fact that i asked made him lighten up and he waved dismissively. We proceeded to the hash point (the has point itself was not on private property, just the verge where we pulled over.

We proceeded to the has point and took our pics without incident. After that we went to a place that I hoped would allow us to overlook the creek. Well my hopes were exceeded and there was a small path to a tiny little beach. Allison, having missed out on getting in the water on yesterday's expedition, decided to go for a wade. The ground was nice, soft sand and much better suited to wading than yesterday's water area. We waded and took some pics. We saw a huge heron and waved to a few passing boaters. Marley Creek is popular with folks with powerful speedboats because it's the only fresh water in the area with no speed limit.