2013-06-25 47 -122

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Tue 25 Jun 2013 in Seattle:
47.7538188, -122.2250190

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A parking strip in an apartment complex just off Bothell Way



Wasn't on the way to work, but it will be on the way home. Stop by


Already in the commute, I punched up today's point (at a stop light of course). Geohash Android tells me Bothell, and zooming in I see it's just off Bothell Way, also known as state highway 522. This connector leads down from Highway 2 to Seattle proper, and is my favorite route to work and often to and from Eastern Washington.

Found the apartment complex easily, quite a bit after 4 though. Pulled in and around and then... the GPS stopped updating. Not sure if it's the Android phone (the app wasn't doing well?) or the trees (quite skimpy, really), but I think it's about time I got a real GPS.

Anyhow, took a few pictures then tried everything short of rebooting the phone. GPS would update, but slowly - I walked the width of 5 cars from the parking strip and the GPS reported I went from 4.5 meters away down to 4.19 which doesn't reflect reality. End result - I was on the spot at some point, and I even was within the GPS accuracy reported (4.2 meters). Uploaded the photos and hit the road for home.