2013-06-23 38 -76

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Sun 23 Jun 2013 in 38,-76:
38.7840435, -76.9946319

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On a playing field at Oxon Hill Elementary School



Plan was to hit the geohash then check out the Washington National Harbor .


We headed out. Traffic was really light and we got there within the advertised 42 minutes. It rained on us a couple of times on the way there but when we got there, it was just overcast. When we got out of the car there were three guys sitting at a picnic table at the side of the field (which was essentially a football pitch) looking kind of shady. We proceeded to the point and took our pics. The men seemed uninterested, though if they had acknowledged our presence with more than a casual stare or two I would have introduced ourselves and stated our mission.

We then proceeded to the Washington National Harbor where we had to pay to park. Allison said she thought it was too "posh" but I explained to her that just because there are some posh shops, doesn't make it posh. The developers built a development in an area that can't necessarily support a posh development and expected it to become posh because they had a few nice stores. Plus it is not POSH posh, it's not like the shops were Chanel and Louis Vuitton, it was FOSSIL and stuff like that. Once we browsed a few stores and saw some of the clientele Allison understood. I'll leave it to your imagination as far as what the details were. To its credit, there are a few multimillion dollar yachts parked at the marina, and a few six figure yachts as well.

We wandered around, saw The Awakening, browsed a few stores, and left.

Overall, an unimpressive experience, but a successful hash and a chance to get out of the house and check out a new location. We gained a little more knowledge of the world around us, and that is a good thing.



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