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All locations: .7840435, .9946319
Globalhash: 51.127821203882, 178.06747200859 (GeoNames)

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Expeditions and Plans

Melbourne, Australia Felix, John, Steve, Cam On the banks of the Merri Creek, next to the Merri Creek Trail, Fitzroy Nor...
Washington (East), District of Columbia allison, OfficeLinebacker On a playing field at Oxon Hill Elementary School
Würzburg, Germany Danatar on a small path at the town limit of Gerbrunn, next to Würzburg. Country: ...
Middlesbrough, United Kingdom Mcbaneg, jake, rebekah, jessica, katja moorland/pasture north of Stanhope on the northern rim of Weardale, County ...
Wonowon, British Columbia damien, Wijnland west of the Alaska Hwy just of a forestry road
Örebro, Sweden the ru, anna Within a small patch of trees on an otherwise clearcut hill. Almost within ...

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