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Thu 20 Jun 2013 in 49,8:
49.2341834, 8.0732539

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A vineyard at Böchingen in the Pfalz area.




About 80 years ago, a law was made in Germany that forbid to run private long distance bus lines. The reason for that law actually was that state owned german Reichsbahn should be free of competition, to make sure the earnings from the railways could be used to fund World War II. WW2 is long ago now, but the law prevailed. Until end of 2012. In 2013 private long distance bus lines got allowed under certain circumstances and several companies started running their own lines. I had a discount voucher that could be used so that I could try the line to Karlsruhe for a daytrip for almost no money. So I booked the bus for a random day and didn't really think much about what to do at Karlsruhe.

When the day approached, I of course checked the hashes, and found that there was one in the Pfalz area. Not too far from Annweiler, which looked quite worth visiting.

After my bus had reached Karlsruhe, I bought a daypass for the KVV, did a fast detour to drop off a bag of books into a public bookshelf in the city centre, and went for Annweiler. A local bus took me up into the forest and dropped me off in the middle of nowhere, at a hiking path over the famous mountains and castle ruins. I visited several of them, including the rather new "fake castle" Trifels, and went back to Annweiler.

Took a train for a few stops to "Siebeldingen-Birkweiler" and started on my second hike. This time the hash was the destination. It wasn't difficult to get there, and since vineyards usually are built so that workers can walk between the rows of plants everywhere, it was possible to access the hash without harming any crop. Went there, found it, and went off again for the nearest bus stop at Gleisweiler, to catch a train at Landau back to Karlsruhe.