2013-06-19 45 -122

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Wed 19 Jun 2013 in 45,-122:
45.5144214, -122.6193037

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In the courtyard of St. Stephen's Church in SE Portland. Or maybe near the street.



Jim's original plan was to go by after his meeting in Portland. The universe had other plans.


Expedition 5000[edit]

It looked like the hashpoint would be inaccessible, just inside the fence at St. Stephens, but we walked over to check it out. And, the hashpoint was inaccessible, just inside the fence.

Expedition One[edit]

Jim took MAX to his meeting in downtown Portland, and then had figured out that a bus would easily take him to the hashpoint.

After the meeting, he hopped onto the PDXBus application and it told me there was a bus stop a block away and a bus in a few minutes, so I made my way to the stop. I waited for a while, and wandered back into WiFi range, but there was no sign of the bus. I suspected perhaps it wasn't running that late, so looked for more directions, this time from Google. Google sent me to another stop and a different bus line, so I figured I'd indulge it and headed to the transit mall.

The transit mall has multiple stops, with a given group of buses getting a couple of stops a few blocks apart. I started to walk up the transit mall, looking for the bus in question, but after I had gotten up 4 blocks, I knew I was in trouble. Wandering back located the bus stop, but it was on a side street, where I hadn't expected it.

When I arrived, the person who was waiting there reported that they had just missed the bus by a minute right as they had arrived. The next one wasn't for a half hour, and I didn't have that much time, so the expedition got postponed.

Expedition Two[edit]

The next day I happened to have my car for a couple of errands, so after work I headed by the hashpoint on my way to meet with folks.

I found the hashpoint in fairly short order: But it wasn't where M5K's GPS said it was. I saw this in Boston, where even with the same GPS, the hashpoint drifted on the order of 50 feet on a later visit.

I found it near the sidewalk, and it was pretty accessible.

I took some photos and headed north.