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Wed 12 Jun 2013 in 47,8:
47.3598924, 8.7279581

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A soccer field in Uster.




Take S5 train leaving Stadelhofen at 6.58pm, arrive in Uster at 7.09 and hope there is no match running.


You will not falter.

Calamus was sitting in an Asian restaurant eating an excellent dish, whose name he couldn't pronounce, and it was already half past nine. He had announced to be at today's hashpoint at about two hours ago, but he'd stayed with some friends after this semester's last exam.

You will not abandon your duties.

He'd already announced multiple times he had to leave because "the internet wished so", but each time, they'd convinced him to stay just a little longer.

You will work for the glory of your graticule.

His friends, a Bernese, a Sri Lankan, a Solothurnian and an Appenzeller discussed the past semester, each one in their respective dialect. A feast for a linguistic mind. "Why don't we go to my place?", the Sri Lankan proposed.

You will reach the hashpoint.

"I baked some cake."

Oh. Never mind.

Okay, no expedition today.