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2013-06-10 39 -94

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Mon 10 Jun 2013 in 39,-94:
39.4900459, -94.8056164

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[edit] Location

Bee Creek, Hwy 371, Missouri

[edit] Participants

Swensonj (talk)

[edit] Plans

Last stop on the way from Wisconsin to Kansas City.

[edit] Expedition

This is the last stop of a multihash (see previous).

This spot is at the bottom of a steep embankment on the property of some sort of commercial trucking enterprise. There was a gravel driveway along the highway, so it was possible to park. One of the employees came to ask what I was doing, but was satisfied that I was out taking pictures. He didn't say I had to leave, anyway. I had little luck getting a GPS proof photo, among the trees, but there was certainly no obstacle between me and the hashpoint. We'll call it a success.

[edit] Tracklog

[edit] Photos

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