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West of -30°: .4900459, .8056164
East of -30°: .6961166, .8159492
Globalhash: 35.300986602253, 113.74169710649 (GeoNames)

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Expeditions and Plans

Kansas City, Missouri Swensonj Bee Creek, Hwy 371, Missouri
Des Moines, Iowa Swensonj A field in the southwest suburbs of Des Moines, Iowa.
Dubuque, Iowa Swensonj A ridge road east of Dubuque, Iowa.
Cedar Rapids, Iowa Swensonj The middle of the road, northeast of Independence, Iowa.
Waterloo, Iowa Swensonj Iowa corn field
Portland, Oregon Jim, zhukant In a parking lot in downtown Beaverton. Between the Beaverton Transit Cent...
Manchester, United Kingdom Angel Visiting my dad, this turns out to be less than a mile away. So I'll have a...
Kuopio, Finland Tilley In Puutosmäki, Kuopio. The point is in forest.

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