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Sun 9 Jun 2013 in 50,11:
50.9011439, 11.7087961

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On a field near Schöngleina



Once again a field is the target. Let’s hope it’s not filled with rape like the last one. Since Juja is busy by taking part in a triathlon competition, it was up to me to take care about the point. I cycled there on the south route via Lobeda, Gernewitz, Schlöben where I passed the last remains of the current flood.

When I approached to the point no rape was to be seen. Only little plants were on the field, no idea what type they were of. But they didn’t look like they would become angry when I walk over them, so I did. As always in such a situation the framer was not far away. A real farmer is working on Sunday too, of course. Or at least he was present - don’t know, whether driving around on his tractor counts as work for him. Nevertheless the tractor made me nervous and so I quickly made the photo at 3m distance to the point without searching for the exact 0m, turned around and straightforward left the field.

For my way back home I wanted to use the dirt road beside Schöngleina main (and only) airport. But, surprise surprise, today was model-making exhibition day combined with a flea marked. Yes, I heard about it in the radio, but I thought there will be 10 people playing with their model airplanes and 20 children watching it. But today I learned that there are much more people interested in model making and/or ebay offline events. So I passed a lot of cars waiting in the airport traffic jam to advance to the puzzle of the day: What is the task of a single traffic light in the middle of nowhere? (Single indeed means one and only one, no second traffic light anywhere.)


Water trees - witnesses of the flood  
Proof of location  
50m in this direction  
The awesome tractor  
Airport traffic jam  
A traffic light. For what?  
Yes, it's working  
The traffic to be ruled  
The spectacular  
Räbe, watching it from the distance  
Germanys next top model?  
There are real airplanes too