2013-06-02 41 -71

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Sun 2 Jun 2013 in 41,-71:
41.7328189, -71.6843241

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Parker Woodland Wildlife Refuge, Foster, Rhode Island


somewhere near 'Old Farm Site' at top center of trail map


Vbob (talk)




Driving back from Sunday visit to the grandsons, somewhat familiar roads become less and less paved, steeper and rockier... With Bruce's broken ankle in an inflatable boot, driving a low clearance convertible into the woods seems less prudent than usual. Loop around the woodlands and find the other end of the abandoned road, and abandon Bruce with her Sunday newspaper in a shady pullout. Trails in the woodlands wander towards the geohash, and then the GPS batteries die. Put the camera batteries in the GPS, and get an accuracy 'within 200 feet' under heavy tree canopy, with the most likely location off the trail through a thicket of poison ivy. What's the difference between gave up, tried hard enough, came really close, need more batteries, and rather come back when my wife can walk it also?

Beautiful quiet woods, with only one notable pile of tires on the side of the access road to trailhead - so we WILL come back, with a more trucklike vehicle, and pack out the trash.