2013-05-31 33 -96

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Fri 31 May 2013 in 33,-96:
33.1628266, -96.7640774

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In a field between Frisco and McKinney. These are two of the fastest growing cities in the area, and, as is quickly evident in a satellite survey of the location, this field is one of the few between them that has yet to be converted into a subdivision.



The closest road to the location is Coit, on the west, but, as luck would have it, that exact segment of Coit happened to be closed for expansion at the time of the expedition. I was forced to enter the undeveloped area surrounding the location from a housing development slightly to the east. From there, it was a quick (but hot) quarter-mile walk through a sea of cultivated plants that reached about up to my knees. The word "sea" comes to mind when describing this field because the variations in the growth of the plants seemed to form waves, some reaching above my waist as I walked through them.