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Wed 29 May 2013 in 55,37:
55.9010340, 37.5600973

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In Poselok im. Larina, Lianozovo District. Near Lianozovo forest-park.




Again, the question of Google maps vs (low) precision of smartphone's GPS in the city.

Google's map shows hash in someone's private yard, surrounded by concrete fence. However, the accuracy of the map AFAIK is not known. Precision of "meters per pixel" kind is obvious and impressive, but the whole picture could be shifted in some direction. I googled'd it a bit, and talked to GIS specialist at work - the answer was the same: accuracy is generally not known, and may significantly vary from place to place.

For this case it means that the hash could be actually not in the yard, but about 10 meters away on the road.

Still. The area of the roads is relatively small compared to the area of private property around the hash. Most probably the exact coordinates are in "no public access" zone. Wouldn't be then saying "coordinates reached" based on 15m accuracy provided by GPS a cheating? I say "no" - because otherwise it wouldn't be fun )


From Savelovskiy railway terminal on suburban train to "Lianozovo" station. From there walked trough the forest-park to the ponds, near which the park borders the poselok.

Poselok turned out to be fenced from the rest of the city, but then it turned out that pedestrians and cyclists were allowed in without restriction, so I was able to approach the hash within GPS precision. Still I felt like I was trespassing - very uncomfortable.

Walked back trough the park to "Altufievo" metro station.

Radio Yerevan for formal wear geohash achievement - firstly, I didn'n wear a tie (though I never wear them, still...); secondly, didn't score any decent photos of myself at the hash (was tired after a long day).



Is it true that Vb earned the Formal attire achievement?
In principle, yes.
But he didn't wear a tie (2013-05-29 55 37).
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